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My Conversation With Marie

I am interested in people. I don’t know why. I like to talk to people and know all about their lives, well if not everything, most things. And I can get engrossed in conversations for hours on end, even with perfect strangers. There is an inexplicable, odd satisfaction of having known someone in that short period. It gives me a peep into the many colours of life. I have been in Melbourne for nearly two years now and it is a place quite conducive for talking, much to my surprise. People smile at you all the time for sure, but yes they like to have conversations too. Back in India, it was extremely easy to strike up a conversation with just about anyone without being apologetic about intrusion. But then in India nobody apologises. Of late, I have been bumping into my neighbour Marie quite often. She is in her seventies, white haired, thick whiskers (sorry for the vivid description but people obviously don’t care much about waxing at this age) and is pretty slim. She lives a few houses

Classical Moves Down Under

In 2003, three young sisters staged their debut performance of Bharatnatyam, called the Arangetram, at the Besan Centre, Mount Scopus Memorial College in Melbourne. They were met with a standing ovation and awarded the Natya Kala that year for best overall performance. Eight years later, the Soma sisters - Deena, Janessa and Jaya – are set to rock the stage again. The long break, they say, is because of the time they had taken off to chase their other callings in life. Having achieved that – today Deena is an occupational therapist, Janessa a radiographer and Jaya a pharmacist – the sisters say coming back to performance is like coming back home. They feel they are at one place at the same time and ready to showcase their talent once again. They have been putting in five days a week since March for their mega show in July titled ‘Trishakhti – The Totality Of Female Energy’. With seven performances and seven concepts, including three solos each and four group presentations, coordinati