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It was called the Midsummma Festival - Celebrating Queer Culture. Well, it was part of a festival celebrating the third self :) On a pleasant sunday afternoon at Alexandria Gardens in Melbourne, hundreds of gays and lesbians and those not 'in between' gathered together to celebrate midsummer. Well, that is what I gathered and assumed. We were taking a walk along the Yarra river, when we were distracted by music and the sound of gaiety. I was particularly overjoyed seeing the sea of people, and before long we found ourselves pulled towards that direction. Once inside the mayhem, I found myself not batting an eyelid in my bid to have an eyeful of all the goings on around me. Hand in hand, arm in arm, same sex couples of all ages, and some extremely good looking (what a waste in straight terms), were revelling in the atmosphere. A picnic-cum-fete kind of scene. At the centre was the stage where drag queens in their thongs performed, where artistes belted out numbers and yet som

Yoga In Melbourne

I look at Viviene and wonder what her age is. It is obvious she is no longer in her 20s, and she admits she has been practising yoga for the past 25 years of her life. She is fit, she is not very taut, but amazingly flexible. When Viviene called last week, it was my first phone call from someone unfamiliar in an unfamiliir place. You see, I have just arrived in a new country and settling in. She called to tell us of our class timings and so on which she detailed in her email later. I worked out she was also trying to understand her students. And I thought she showed some interest in me when I told her I was from India. I told her how stiff I felt now after having stopped yoga for more than a year. I was also, in truth, happy to receive a phone call and talk to someone. And didnt care it was a yoga instructer. So I indulged in all the small talks and asked her the location of her institute etc., which made her ask me, "is laurie Indian too?". I could sense the note of relief

Warm 2010

For 39 years of my life, save once in 2000, I have spent every New Year's eve and New Year draped in not necessarly trendy but all the warm clothings of the world, celebrating two things - the start of a new year and my birthday. Warm wishes that coldly remind me of numbers I would rather chose to overlook. This year I turned 40. Life begins. And so I arrived at Melbourne's Tullamarie airport just around Christmas and heralded 2010 with beer glasses under the hot Australian sun. A change of place, a change of scene, a change of life in many, small, different ways. I am right now basking under the Australian summer. The weather is pleasant most days, some days it is hot and arid - am I familair with that. But once the evening sets in, the temperature cools down and there is the pleasant feel to the air. I find the weather awesome. It's a different summer, a unique summer for someone who has only known hot days only in the middle of a year, not at the end of a year. Down u