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Manana Cream

That was the vested interest behind the trip. To have one or two shots of manana cream and slip into oblivion for a while, not a moment. To absolve onself from all worldy responsibilities, immerse into complete oblivion and enter into a state of nothingness. But that would not happen! Roadtrip from Delhi to Manali is a nightmare during the monsoons, especially if you go by anything the Himachal Transport Corporation spits out. A Volvo bus turns into semi delux bus without notice, and the route is longer than eternity. Twenty-ood hours, so you do have a sore ass by the time you reach your destination. But Manali, despite the rains, was a good respite from humid Delhi. Old shanty town caught between tradition and modernity. Going by the number of foreign tourists around the area who have come to experience India in all its hue, you do realise why the place is a favourite with many. Old Manali is the place to be in -- just above new Manali which is infested with domestic tourists and h