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Some Things Don't Change...

Life is funny, but life also sucks and life hurts. Sometimes you try to run away from something and it pulls you back at the spot you didn't want to be in. Nomatter how much you fight it, nomatter the rationalisation, nomatter what, you succumb to the power of the pull. So it all boils down to one thing: that some things don't really change... I cannot give advice about relationships but experiences, discourses reflect two things -- that there is nothing about love that makes you feel safe and there is nothing absolute about relationships. It can even go beyond limits, beyond the ideal family space you have created. Love can happen at any age in one's life. When that happens, it is bound to stir a few things. And it sucks that some people trivialise love so they do not understand it at all. "You've broken up yet again". "You falling for that guy". "You know what you are getting into." "Oh, the excitement is because it is new, soon he

Love Unlimited

I read somewhere that a person who does not love children and flowers is akin to a murderer. Quite a sweeping statement that one. And I have not met or interviewed any murderer so far to subscribe to that. But yes, you do come across a feelingless person once in a while. For instance, I cannot forget this long-time acquaintance of mine, acquaintance because a friend is someone I dont attribute the term to. She said she cannot imagine adopting a kid because "how can I love somebody's child as my own?" No words minced. Left me with a numbed feeling. Without offending those who do not want to, I think people who adopt have a heart larger than any normal person. It's all about giving up some of your own comforts to take care of another human being, the same as planned pregnancy. Fact is, I love babies so when people say they cannot adopt a baby when they have the means and the time, and worse that they cannot love other children other than their own, I get put off by suc

Real Or Unreal

Sleepless is not a condition only when you are in Seattle, someone said. I do agree. In the same vein, there are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there is the internet. I have the virtual world to thank a lot for my happiness. Whoever said the virtual world is so unreal and a precarious one, I think, has not explored it to the fullest. It's not a magic wand that you have. It's an investment in quality time, when you make the efort to connect despite the crazily busy lives we all lead. And the end result is good. Years back, when I opened my first hotmail account, my tech savvy friends welcomed me to the cyber world. It was wonderful connecting to someone in one end of the world and within minutes getting a reply, and which is why I still have such a soft corner for the MSN messenger. That is being slowly overshadowed by the wonderful Gmail, of course. But equally good, and loyalties do shift in life as with everything else. Hopedully, I won't outlive